Aadhav Group

Aadhav Group’s QA department is an independent structural subdivision. Our QA team consists of skilled QA engineers who get involved in projects on a dedicated or an on-demand basis. The allocation of QA engineers depends on project size and complexity: they can be easily reallocated from one project to another upon necessity. Such flexibility allows us to optimize efforts and the overall project budget. 


Aadhav Group has put in place a Quality Management System (QMS) comprising a complex set of engineering and managerial activities that ensure bespoke quality of delivered software throughout the entire workflow.

We put together quality plans that govern the applicable set of standards, regulations, procedures, guidelines and tools during the development lifecycle in each project.

We have established processes that evaluate project performance and aim to assure that quality standards are being followed and that the deliverables comply with customer requirements.

We measure performance trends to identify defective pieces of code, verify that deliverables are of high quality and that they are complete and correct.